Live one day in Rovaniemi city like a local ! On the adventurous husky ride to ice fishing

The Finns love Ice fishing and this excursion will show you why! Experience an authentic Arctic activity with the help of our expert guide who will show you all the secrets of ice fishing; from drilling an ice hole, luring fish under the ice layers to cooking them in the open fire.


4-5 hours


248 € / adult, 173€ / child (4-14 yrs)


10:00 am


Winter clothes, transportation, fishing equipment, lunch


Daily, Until 15th of April 2019

Meeting point

Koskikatu 20, 96200 Rovaniemi

Tour Description

You must have watched or heard somewhere about Eskimo people, who live in the coldest place in the world, surviving through winter by hunting and ice fishing. In Finland, we also have an ethnic group- the Sami people, who live in the northernmost part of Lapland, moving around by husky sleigh to catch the fish under thick ice layer in the winter. If you wish to live like these Finnish indigenous people in one day, our ice fishing with husky sleigh ride will be the best choice for you!

Joining with us in this adventure, you will first visit one of the symbols of the Arctic region, the husky. We will take you to the husky farm, where you will greet your adorable teammates on this adventure. Visiting the home of this adorable animal, you will get a chance to know more about one of the iconic Arctic animals, play and take a lot of photos with them. These furry friends are very friendly and playful. Then, the huskies will take you on an exciting ride to the Arctic forest. Prepare yourself, these friends are really excited to show you how fast they are!

On the husky sleigh, you will get a chance to enjoy the breath-taking scenery of Lapland in white with sunshine, opening your eyes with the beautiful untouched forest. After you say farewell to the huskies, you will be at the perfect spot for the next activity, get yourself ready for the highlight of our trip today!

Our guide will show you to find the best spot for the best chance to catch a fish under a thick ice layer.  You will first start by drilling an ice hole with the special equipment with the help of your guide.  With the support of that equipment, you will discover the ice layers of 3-4 meters thick to reach the water surface.  And of course, to catch the fish, our next step will be preparing some baits, luring fish under the ice. Then, all you need is sitting back with your companions, talking and waiting for the fish to bite. This may take a lot of time but don’t worry, our guide will give you the most useful ice fishing tips in order to get them as fast as possible. Dear our ice-fisherman, enjoy the panorama view and wait patiently for something to happen!

After the hard work, it is time to reward yourself with hot sausage and drinks around a warm campfire. If you are lucky enough, you will also learn how to grill your own baited fishes. Gathering around the bonfire, your expedition will be spiced up with endless interesting stories and facts related to this local hobby such as fishing licenses, fishing season or how to distinguish different types of fish. Don’t forget to ask them about the local’s secrets!

Not only had the chance to experience the Arctic Circle Fishing activity, but you will also have a chance to walk on the frozen lake, watching the huge area of snowy forest and breath. Take your chance for lifetime photos! Maybe after this trip, you will become a professional photographer yourself. Plus, there is a chance to catch some wild animals’ footprint in the thick ice layers.

Now, wish your best lucks with the fishes hiding under the frozen lakes, dress warm and go out with your patience!


  • Winter clothes: Overall, Wool socks, Boost, Gloves, Trapper Hat.
  • Transportation: Return transfers
  • Lunch in a campfire: sausage, hot drink and fish if you are lucky
  • Fishing gears
  • Fishing baits
  • Professional guiding


Self-booking only works with a reservation for 2+ persons at a time. If you want to book for only 1 person, contact us either by phone or email and we will help you.

Tel: +358 50 462 0230 (Available 10:00 – 20:00 GMT+2)


  • What do you need to bring?

    • Warm clothes: you can dress probably for winter but don’t worry since we provide warm clothes for you
    • Camera
    • Adventurous attitude
  • Cancellation policy

    Cancellation needs to made in written (with name of the customer and the activity). When the cancellation is made (in Finnish time)

    • 7 – 3 days prior to the departure, cancellation fee is 25 euros
    •  2 – 1 days prior to the departure, the customer will be refunded 50% of the purchased product.
    • less than 24 hours or no show at the departure, no refund.

    For changes in the activities, they must be done in written.

Meeting point:
If you come by yourself, present at Koskikatu 20 at 9:25

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