Korouoma- The Unforgettable Journey to the Mother Nature's masterpiece Korouoma- The unforgettable journey to the Mother Nature's masterpiece

Visit the wonderful frozen waterfall Korouoma, one of the best places for hiking in Lapland, Finland and witness the miracle nature wonder!


7-8 hours


179€ / adult, 95€ / child (4-14 yrs)


9:30 am


transportation, lunch, tour guide


Till April

Meeting point

Koskikatu 20, 96200 Rovaniemi

Tour Description

Thinking about Lapland, people usually think about the city of Rovaniemi and Kemi, where are well-known for being among the best places to see Northern Lights in this county. Have you ever heard about Posio, the city with all the pure and silent beauty of Finnish Lapland? This time we will visit one of the great nature wonders in Posio city- the frozen waterfall Korouoma.

About 2 hour driving from Rovaniemi, we will arrive the city of Posio, our destination in this trip. Located in Lapland, closed to the border of Finland with Russia, Posio is given many natural gifts by the Mother Nature. The city is the home of Riisitunturi National Park- the mountainous area with numerous swamps; the Korouoma Nature Reserve and the clear water lakes Kitkajärvi and Livojärvi. Especially, the city is also home to the northernmost ceramics factory in the world- Pentik company. After this trip, you might bring home with you not only the memory but the Finnish most favorite handicraft. Not as busy destination as Rovaniemi and Kemi, the city of Posio is a perfect choice for a person who want to discover the pure and silent beauty of Arctic nature.

Arriving the city, we will head to the city’s most favorite hiking destination- Korouoma. The Mother Nature has spent a million years to create this 30 kilometres (20 mi) long, few hundred metres wide and up to 130 m deep canyon. The entire area surrounding the rock valley is the natural reserve.  At the center of the valley, a magnificent gorge is formed, dropping over 100 meters below the Korojoki River, which ends up to Kemijoki River. In the winter time, the Frozen Queen, with her soft touch, turns the whole waterfall into a marvelous masterpiece from ice. Korouoma is a great spot for hiking, exploring the nature, fishing and learn about the history of the creation of the nature.

We provide you the guided tour in Korouoma (30km long, few hundred meters wide and up to 130m deep canyon) and 14 frozen waterfalls along the Korouoma hiking trail. Our local will introduce to you this nature’s masterpiece and many of its secrets. You will get yourself ready with the necessary equipment and thermal clothes for your adventure. After that, you will start the mission of this trip, is to finish the hiking to the snowy fairyland.

You will feel the miracle of the nature in every step along the trail. The virgin forest area of Posio city has many interesting things for you to explore. There are plenty of species in varied nature of Korouoma. Some of species found are rare. If you are lucky enough, you may see and able to capture their footage on the white snow. Prepare your camera to get the best shoots during this trip. And, no doubt, you won’t be able to stop yourself from standing in awe the moment you look down the whole frozen valley and forests. Mother Nature is incredible!

After hard work, it is time to treat yourself well for the next adventures in Lapland. Gathering around the bonfire made by the guide, you will be indulged in the traditional cuisine of the Arctic Circle.

Hey adventurers, are you excited? Charge your energy, we are about to go now!

  • Transportation
  • Warm Clothes
  • Snow Castle guide
  • Lunch


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  • What do I need to bring?

    • Warm clothes
    • Camera
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