Have you ever see the spectacular Northern Lights performance in person? Northern Lights Hunting In Authentic Lappish Village

Not only the mysterious nature but with this tour, you can also have a better look and understanding about Finnish indigenous culture.


3.5 hours


89 € / adult, 54€ / child (4-14 yrs)


21:00 (Min. 2 person to start the tour)


Winter clothes, transportation, equipment, food


Until 15th of April 2019

Meeting point

Koskikatu 20, 96200 Rovaniemi

Tour Description

Do you know what makes a place become an ideal spot for Northern Lights spectating which is the top 1 safaris activity in Rovaniemi? Somewhere high and away from light pollution. Then what is the best time to see Northern Lights? It would definitely a day with clear sky, no coverage of cloud, and the Northern Light forecast gives a positive sign. If the weather is all good like that, you would probably have a high chance to spot the Polar Lights. You can also check the KP index yourself by downloading an “Aurora Borealis Forecast & Alert” application on your phone. However, don’t worry, we will give you advice for the most suitable time.

The important element about the Northern Light tour is THE LOCATION. You need to find someplace darkness in the forest and away from the city centre to avoid light pollutions as mentioned. The perfect Northern Light areas are places located in the North such as Rovaniemi; Ivalo, Inari ( Finland);Tromso (Norway); Arijeplog (Sweden). We offer you one of the best LOCATION where is 30 km away to the North from Rovaniemi. In addition, we have a very special cottage (Finnish – Kota) in the middle of the forest for you to stay warm inside, especially for small children during 3.5 hours hunting Northern Lights and one more Lappish cottage (outside) if you want to try Lappish experience. Let’s book the tour now and get start!

Half an hour driving far from Rovaniemi centre, you will get to the perfect spot for Northern Lights chasing. Our tour guide will drive you up north, to reach closer to Aurora Borealis area, which has the highest possible for the adventurers to catch the sight. Come with us and you can stand on a high Lappish hill (sorry we don’t have the mountain in Finland), feeling like you’re floating between the earth surface and the sky, listening to the breezing sound of the trees, staring at the mysterious pitch dark of Polar Night (Kaamos), you would have the feeling of casting in a Northern Lights movie. On the beautiful snowy hill, we provide a warm and cosy traditional Lappish cottage with a campfire where you can recharge your energy with authentic Lappish evening snack. In this cultural decorated Kota, where you can spend the moment together having Finnish evening snack with our Karelian pie with Reindeer paste, Grilling sausages, try the 3 most typical Finnish bread, hot drinks are also available. By the time gathering by the warm fire, you will also hear about Lappish cultures and stories from our skilful tour guides If you have any wondering or questions about Lapland, Lappish culture or even mysteries creatures in the area, do not hesitate to ask us!

Wait, it’s not the end of the story yet! besides the main Northern Lights watching program with a typical Lappish meal, we also have a snow slide where you and your friends, family members can spend a little fun together. Trekking to the top of the hill, taking a snow slide and enjoying the interesting snow game together is what you can try at the same time. So, what do you say?*Note: With premium package, you will have a chance to explore the Arctic woods by snowmobile. Selection can be made from the booking board. (108€/adult – 62/child)

  • Winter clothes: Overall, Wool socks, Boost, Gloves, Trapper Hat.
  • Transportation: Return transfers
  • Evening snack: Karelian pie with reindeer salami sauces, grilled sausage, Lappish bread and hot Berry Juice (Which is perfect for the cold weather)


Self-booking only works with a reservation for 2+ persons at a time. If you want to book for only 1 person, contact us either by phone or email and we will help you.
Email: Info@visitlaplandtours.fi

Tel: +358 50 462 0230 (Available 10:00 – 20:00 GMT+2)

Visit Lapland Tours

  • What do you need to bring?

    • Warm Clothes: you can dress probably for winter but don’t worry since we provide warm clothes for you
    • Camera
    • Adventurous attitude 🙂  
  • Cancellation policy

    Cancellation needs to made in written (with name of the customer and the activity). When the cancellation is made (in Finnish time)
    • 7 – 3 days prior to the departure, cancellation fee is 25 euros
    •  2 – 1 days prior to the departure, the customer will be refunded 50% of the purchased product.
    • less than 24 hours or no show at the departure, no refund.
    For changes in the activities, they must be done in written.

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Pick up times from hotels in Rovaniemi. Be ready at the reception at:



Snowman World Glass Resort


Arctic Treehouse Hotel


Chalet Hotel


Santa Claus Hotel


Hotel Aakenus


Visit Lapland Tours’ meeting point
(Koskikatu 20)


Meeting point

If you come by yourself, present at Koskikatu 20 at 20:25

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