Bar & Nightclub

Do you want to experience the nightlife in Rovaniemi? Have a drink in a classic bar (Oluthuone), where people enjoy the pub ambiance or go dance the night away in our Night Club (Roy Club).

*Note: You can have free entrance and free drink ticket with us if you purchase any of our day tour trip.

Roy Club

Nominated to be the best bar in Finland 2016, located in the city center. The place is flooded with local and exchange students every Friday night and weekends.

Here we provide various drinks from Finland and other European countries, along with 2 dance floors with different kinds of music.

“Winner Chicken Dinner” – Our business also offers a Blackjack table.

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Rovaniemen Oluthuone

Built in 1990s, where most of the Finns usually gather and talk about their lives, discuss about how fast the reindeer could run, how much berry did they collect during the last summer, sometimes you can spot them talk about business also.

In here, we offer all kinds of alcohol drinks in Finland from traditional to modern drinks, and of course there are some famous brands from other European countries too. Moreover, if you want some activities, there are two billiard tables downstairs, where you can spend time with your friends or try your luck with our Casino machines.

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Ice Bar

Sitting on an ice chair, drinking on an ice table, covered with ice walls, how does it sound to you? Try out our extraordinary bar in town and you can have a wonderful piece of memory about your Winter holiday in Rovaniemi.
Address: Koskikatu 20, 96200 Rovaniemi

Opening time: