All about berries in Finland

Forests cover 75 percent of Finland's land area, which has generated an invaluable nature asset. What can we find out in such huge and wide forest?

Finnish people often go to forest to pick up their “golden fruits” which are berries. There are diverse types of berries such as blue berries, lingo berries, cranberries, and so on.

Forests cover 75 percent of Finland’s land area, which has generated an invaluable nature asset. The Finn finds their love, inspiration, health, and peace in their wide and beautiful forest. In the wintertime, they love hiking through the snowy magical wood, waiting for the aurora next to the campfire there. In the summer-autumn time, or probably, the loveliest season of the forest here, Finnish people often go to the forest to pick up mushrooms and their “golden fruits”, which are berries. How many kinds of berries do you know? We will now tell you all about berries in this Nordic country!

In Finland, there are about 50 species of berries growing in the pine forest along the country, however, only 37 of them are edible. Some species are poisonous. The same to mushroom. Below are the most popular kind of berries in the home country of Santa Claus:


Bilberry or also known as European wild blueberry but smaller and in a darker color. It is very popular not only in Finland but also in other North American countries. Blueberry contains an excellent source of vitamins such as vitamins A, B, C, and K1. It also holds a lot of fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6 as well as flavonoids. Bilberry has a great antioxidant effect for your health. Bilberries can be found all over the country.

2. Lingonberry

Together with bilberry, it is also one of Finland’s most popular berries. It has different names such as foxberry or cowberry in other countries. Lingonberries are noticeable by their yummy bright red color. It is a good source of vitamin E. They taste bitter on their own but make good desserts and jams.  Lingonberry jam is a staple food in Northern European countries and very popular in other European region. In Lapland, reindeer and cabbage dishes served with lingonberry sauce and cabbage is a traditional favorite dish. When you buy some reindeer meat in Lapland, the seller would recommend you to also get some lingonberry sauce for the dish.

3. Cranberry

As a family member with bilberries and lingonberry, cranberry is also popular in Finland, with a sharp and sour taste. Cranberry can be found along the country with other types of berries. It has a quite similar look to lingonberry but a darker color.  Cranberry is rich in vitamin C, A, E and also a good source of carbs and fiber. Just like lingonberry, it is used in soups, juices, jellies, desserts, liqueurs and sweet or savory sauces.

4. Cloudberry

Cloudberry or also known as the “Arctic gold” in Finland. As the golden name, cloudberry is a soft, juicy and highly valued orange berry that mostly found in Lapland. It is the most precious one due to its high amount of nutrients, containing vitamins A, C and E. Cloudberry sweet and refined taste are the perfect matches for desserts such as cheesecake.  If you want to pick these precious berries, be quick since they only appear a few weeks in the summer.

5. Rasberry

Raspberry or “a sweet rose-colored wine” berry is an amazing fruit for your health. It contains a lot of iron, vitamin C, and antioxidants. This nutrition helps to prevent or manage the heart disease, cancer or obesity. It also supports your eye health. Rasberry is popular not only in Finland but also in other countries around the world. They are usually eaten fresh, often with cream or ice cream, as a dessert fruit. Raspberry jams and jellies are also popular.

6. Wild strawberry:

You can easily find strawberries at Finnish market, but for the sweeter and intense taste, picking wild strawberries is definitely better choice. You can eat them right after picking to taste the freshest flavor.

And mushrooms!

Mushrooms are easily found in Finland’s forest in the autumn. Just like berries, there are various types of mushrooms but only few of them are edible. They can contain as much or even more minerals than vegetables. Finnish forests provide some tasty mushroom party with from the mid of August till October.

So, how much have you known about berries in Finland now?

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