Northern Lights hunting is one of the most popular safaris in Rovaniemi How does a spectacular Aurora tour look like?

Let’s follow us to see what a good trip looks like 😊

In the beginning, everyone who decided to join our trip in the early time presented at our office location and ready for an exciting night! Today, we drove with a group of 12 people, an ideal number of an adventurous group! Our lovely customer came from different countries in the world. We have Italian, British, Singaporean, Israel, Ukraine and Vietnamese that night.

The very first step we all need to do in order to fully enjoy the beautiful Aurora hunting session was to change super protective clothes from the cold weather. it is very important to have enough clothes, boots, hats and gloves. None of us had to worry about that issue because, at Visit Lapland Tours, we have cloth storage where customers change warm and thick overalls which helps them keep warm in the heavy snow. Every single necessary equipment our hunters can easily found there.

All set! We were all ready to be transferred to the ideal point.

After about half an hour driving to the north of Rovaniemi centre, we arrived at our private destination. Due to the weather and light polluted in the city centre, Visit Lapland Tours provides for our clients one of the best locations for aurora chasing in the area.

There we were at the point with all of the excitement. We were transferred by snowmobiles to the cottage inside where the group would chill and relax waiting for the Northern Lights. Most of us have never sat on a snowmobile before, thus we were thrilled to try

Driving on the snow surface was so cool and the snowmobile took us to the cottage within 5 minutes

Here is our cosy cottage where we warmed up for a while

When we arrived, the Northern Lights did not appear at all, therefore, the tour guide prepared hot drinks and traditional Lappish meals for all customers while some of them were having fun with snow.

Matti, our tour guide was preparing Special Reindeer Sausage and traditional Karelian pies with butter and cheeses

 The group gathered down by the fire and enjoyed the warm atmosphere

At the same time, our man shared with the customers a lot of Lappish stories, cultures, cuisines as well as interesting facts. The stories about sleeping Polar Bear and mysterious foxes attract the attention from all of us, especially from the little wondering kids.

But wait, it would not be a fulfilled evening without the appearance of Auroras Borealis!

With the high expectation from the Aurora forecast, Northern Lights finally appeared in the dark sky, the dancing lights were amazing!

 Peaceful romantic moment of a couple watching Northern Light performance
What an authentic experience our customers had that night!

After spending time contemplating Aurora Borealis in the Lapland sky, taking memorable pictures and noting down treasure moments, we all came back to the cottage and prepared to head back home.

4 hours passed by really quick with lots of remarkable memories. And as the last farewell, we had one more chance to watch for the masterpieces on the sky.

The spectacular night sky on our way back home.

The Aurora hunting with full immersion provided uncountable moments and untouchable experiences for our dearest customers. We believe those are lifetime memories that none of Lapland visitors could forget when taking part in this activity!

Now it’s time to create your own authentic and unforgettable memories!  😊

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