Husky- The Beautiful Furry Friends Husky- The Beautiful Furry Friends

Husky- The Beautiful Furry Friends

Let's meet the husky family and understand them more!

Visiting Arctic Lapland, visitors always look for a chance to try the husky sled ride. It is one of the most favorite winter activities in the land of snow and ice. With the extreme weather in the winter and the land covered by thick snow and ice, Finnish Lapland is an ideal place to breed and train sled dogs. When you visit a local husky farm in Rovaniemi, before starting the dog sleigh ride, you will always have time to get to know these furry friends and pet them. But how much do you know about them? Let’s do a quick check!

When people think about huskies, they will have a stereotype image of a huge white fluffy dog with blue eyes or, the classical Siberian husky. Those are the typical appearance of huskies to visitors and in Holywood movies. In fact, there are 3 purebred types of huskies with a different appearance on each type.

1.Siberian husky

The first and most popular type is the Siberian husky. It is the most recognizable husky with an attractive wolf-like appearance. Siberian huskies are also popular in Northern countries like Finland since they particularly like the cool weather. This type of sled dog was originally bred by the Chukchi tribe in Northeastern Siberia for medium transport and loading supplies.

It can be said that this is the most attractive husky type among those 3. Siberian huskies are medium-sized dogs, slightly longer than tall with erect ears and piercing eyes that mostly come in blue color. Their color eyes can also be a combination of blue and brown or even red, which is very rare.

Siberian huskies are the friendliest and intelligent companions however, they are very independent and stubborn. That is why this type of dog is not suitable for first-time owners since they need firm and gentle training from puppyhood.  Born to pull the sleigh, Siberian huskies have a great speed despite its small size.

2. Alaskan malamute

People usually mistake the Alaskan malamute with the Siberian husky due to their similar look. However, this type of sled dogs is much larger and taller. Moreover, Malamutes have brown eye color.

Just like the Siberian huskies, the Alaskan malamute was named after an Inuit tribe of Alaska called Mahlemiut, who found and bred the dog to carry heavy loading supplies at long distances or join in the seal and polar bear hunting.

Besides the size, their temperament also makes these two types different. If the Siberian huskies are more like racers, which are playful and lively. The Malamute is more like a guard, who enjoys guarding his owner’s yard and warning of strangers.

. Alaskan huskies

And the last one, whose name has long connect with Alaskan people- Alaskan husky. Among these 3 types, Alaskan huskies are the truly racers. This type was bred only to complete the task- sledding and carrying.

Alaskan huskies are usually medium to large dog, with the similar appearance to the Siberian husky- pointed ears and fluffy tail. However, there are some slight differences that helps you to distinguish these two. Alaskan huskies have a larger and skinner body the Siberian husky since they are born to run.  They usually have shorter fur than Siberian husky. Just like the Alaskan malamutes, their eyes are usually brown.

One more interesting thing about the Alaskan huskies are they are calmer compared to Siberian husky or even the Alaskan malamute.

In overall, huskies are friendly and helpful companions for their owners. They don’t bark but instead howling. Since the fact that they are born to run, huskies are intelligent, playful and vivid animal that love doing exercise.  They all require a firm training since the puppyhood and can live quite long with the owner.

So, I believe now you have known much more about the furry husky before visiting the farm and can name different types! Hope you have a nice day with those furry little friends!

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