Northern Lights - The Wonderful Gift on Finnish Independence Day A Memorable Experience on Finnish Birthday

Last Thursday on the 6th December 2018, Finland celebrated its 101st Independence Day. Luckily on that night, we had 3 special guests from Asia to share the fun with us on our Aurora Hunting activity.

Brief History About Finnish Independence

The Finland you see today is quite different from its rough history with many changes. From late 13th century to the early 18th century, this country was occupied by Sweden and it affected a lot on its culture, Swedish became a dominant language and people started to immigrate to Finland. In 1714, Russia fought against Sweden and completely separated Sweden from Finland by 1809, Finland became Grand Duchy. After many Nationalism movements, Finns reclaimed their language recognition and had changes in social structure, especially in women’s rights. Until 6th December 1917, Finnish parliament declared its independence from Soviet Russia.


Back to the Present

The past was chaotic like many other countries but the Finns are very friendly and kind (although they usually give the first impression of being cold) especially in our town, Rovaniemi, which has become an international tourism destination.

Our guests from Hong Kong and Vietnam.

On that special night, having packed up all the necessities, we headed to pick up our guests for the journey to the wilderness and try our luck with the Northern Lights. After our arrival, we were stunt with the glorious starry sky. Then, we spent a moment together in a Kota, grilling sausages, enjoying the Finnish snack by the warm fire and sharing stories. Later on, we peeked out to check if there was any “gift” that we were expecting, but there was nothing so the group decided to have a walk and explore the winter forest. Few minutes after returning from the woods, Matti – our guide, noticed some changes in the horizon and amazingly, it was Northern Lights dancing on the sky! Everyone gathered with their cameras ready, waited for the right moment to take their life-time memorable pictures. The aurora was just there, waving for an hour up until we went back home.

That evening was really a big grant from Finnish “Motherland” for treating her guests with spectacular natural attractiveness. Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää! – Happy independence day




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