Don’t know how to spend a memorable day in the magical village? Here are some recommended ideas for you.

1. Meet the authentic Santa Claus

It would be a shortage when visiting Santa Claus Village without meeting the dearest man. The main idea of visiting the Santa Claus Village is to meet Santa Claus, come to his main office and capture a lifetime memory for your own. Plus, his supportive Elves will assist you with questions and other matters.

Source: Visit Rovaniemi

 2.Cross the Arctic Circle

One of the coincident is that the Village situated right across the Arctic Circle line. This 66°33′45.9″ latitude witness the phenomenon of Midnight Sun in the summer which the sun rises up continuously for 24 hours and the contrary event called Polar Night in the winter. After walking through the line, you can even get a certificate and a stamp on your passport to confirm your footstep.

 3. Sending letters from Santa Post Office

Mr Santa is not only well-known for sending gifts to good children. He also helps people to send posts and letters to every corner of the world. It must be a huge surprise for your friends and family to receive packages sent from here with special stamps.

4. Come and say hello with the Santa’s friends – Reindeers

It’s not only in the movie anymore, now you can see these little kind friends of Santa-Reindeers. Come and play with Rudolph in a reality version. This Reindeer area is located a hundred meter right next to Santa Claus main office, you can easily find it in a glance.

5. Enter the Husky Park

Another option for you is entering Husky Park. The Arctic Circle Husky Park has almost 100 Siberian Huskies living under the natural circumstance. This Park opens all year round, especially in the winter, you can take part in Husky Ride as the following picture.


Source: Santa Claus Village

6. Spend quality shopping time in Santa Claus Gift House

A typical traveller would definitely own some souvenirs from the place he or she has been to. It could be a unique magnet, a key chain, a postcard, etc. In this Gift house, you can easily choose for your friends and family and even for yourself memorable special Lappish made gifts.

7. Try Lappish traditional food at restaurants nearby

Last but not least, re-energize after completing all activities is essential for any tourist. Don’t know a nearby place to eat? No worry, we’ll give you some options.

If you are a fan of salmon, Santa Salmon Place restaurant is there for you.

Want to try quailed Lappish buffet? Three Elves Restaurant, that serves you with Lappish-styled breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant located right next to Santa Claus Holiday Village’s reception building.

Additionally, The Snowman World’s Ice Bar and Ice Restaurant offer you extraordinary icy condition while eating

Or you just simply want to take a quick stop for a relaxing moment, Café-restaurant Natapapuli is a good option for you and your group.




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