The Best Winter Safaris Activities To Do In Rovaniemi

Winter safaris in Rovaniemi are full of fun activities. If you want to know more about them before coming to the Arctic Circle, this blog might just be the source you’ve been looking for. Let’s dive in and see what the capital of Lapland has to offer!

1. Step across the Arctic Circle and meet the real Santa in Santa Claus Village

Being famous for the hometown of the authentic Santa Claus, one of the very first things for every visitor in Rovaniemi is to meet the real Santa in Santa Clause Village. This Village is the right destination you can see the magical man. Coming to the place to explore Santa’s office and his interesting life. The Village opens all year round and gets very crowded in the winter times.

Source: Visit Rovaniemi

At the same time, when arriving at the Village, you are also passing the Arctic Circle (66’33’37” North). Remember to bring your passport to get the stamp on it to save your Arctic Circle stepping moment. You only have to pay 50 cents for this stamp. Plus, you can also order a certificate of crossing the Arctic Circle once in your lifetime with the price of 5 Euros.

 Source: Santa Claus Village

2.  Send postcards from Santa Post office

If you are a person who loves sending postcards from different destinations in the world, the Santa Post office is the place you can not miss. From this department, every letters and postcard are ready to be sent to every nation. This could be a big surprise for your friends and family once they receive the letter with a special Post office stamp. People said there are several Elves in the office to help Mr Santa to organize and deliver the packages.

Source: Visit Rovaniemi

3. Be a local with Sauna

Do you know the word “Sauna” originally comes from Finland? This activity is the most popular habit of Finnish people. Almost every private house of a Fin has a Sauna room. Back to the old days, the sauna room is a trusted place for a pregnant woman to give birth due to its qualities condition regarding sterility.

Source: heizungholz

4. Dipping in the Icing water

What is the best sub activity after taking a Sauna session? The answer is jumping immediately to the icing pool. I can assure you this is one of the life experience you can barely try it anywhere else but Rovaniemi.

There is a free Ice Swimming day from October to April on every Wednesdays 17.30-18.30. Koskipuisto Park, Jäämerentie-road. Other days, the price for a single cool dip is 3 €, tent sauna admission 5 €

Source: Visit Rovaniemi

5. Tempt Arktikum Museum

Arktikum is a science centre and museum. If you want to know more about northern nature, culture and history, Arktikum is the right place to be. With the aim of providing a deeper understanding of the Arctic, the museum has the support of Rovaniemi city council, the University of Lapland’s Arctic Centre, and the Regional Museum of Lapland. Entrance fees is 13 Euros for adult and 7 Euros for children under 15.

Source: Lapland the Magazine

6. Chase the Spectacular Northern Light

If anyone asks me what makes Rovaniemi become a desired destination to visit, the answer is beside from Santa Claus Village, Northern Light is another special factor. Rovaniemi located in the Arctic circle area which has the highest chance to watch Aurora Borealis in the world. It would be so pity if you come to Rovaniemi without temping spectacular Northern Lights sky. If you want to see this beautiful scene, you need to go to a location which is not be affected by light pollution such as the Kemijoki river area. Or an easier way is to take a trip with Visit Lapland Tours, we will be pleased to give you full information and advisory to bring you an unforgettable experience.

Source: Visit Lapland Tours

7. Have fun with Husky ride

To a nature lover, this activity is meant for you. These little happy friends are ready to take you for a run in the white snow. Enjoy the surrounding nature and the sledge ride in silence. Stop for a break in the wilderness and take photos. Unfortunately, this activity you cannot try on your own. Contacting a tour agency to get more information about the Husky tour if you would love to sit behind the Husky.

Source: Klook

8. Experience Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is one of the most popular leisure-time activity of a Finn. This is another activity for a natural engaged person. Fishing required your patients, but Ice fishing requires your excitement along with the patient. By experiencing this activity, not only have the chance to experience the Arctic Circle Fishing activity, but you can also enjoy the breath-taking scenery of Lapland in white with sunshine. Walking on the frozen lake, watching the huge area of snowy forest and breath. However, as the Husky Tour, this activity requires specific equipment with extra warm clothes (overall), thus you can contact for a tour agency to start fishing! These are the fish you can probably catch in the trip

Source: Visit Lapland Tours

9. Try Ice skating rink at Lordi’s square

The last activity you may want to take part in is ice skating. Walking on the snow surface is not easy, however, skating on it is another challenge. The skating area can be easily found in the centre, at Lordi’s square.

Source: Rovaniemi City Hall

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