Northern Lights Hunting in the authentic Lapish Village

Last night it was super cold -15 degree but the sky was clear which are crucial requirements for the best Aurora Hunting tour.

We started the tour at 8:30 until 2 am cause we drove 36 km up to the North to hunt for the Northern Lights. It took 40  to 45 mins from city center to the forest. It’s dark and cold. Fortunately, we have different authentic wooden cottages in the forest that all customers would stay inside during 5 hours. In the Lapish village, we made BBQ together including drilled sausages, salmon bread and another foods.

The sky was clear and aurora lights came stronger and stronger at 10 pm and again at 11:30 pm.

Then we went snow hiking and snow sliding and snow mobile sliding

Snow sliding

Then we doffed all customers directly to their hotels and apartments after the tour. We were too tired but it was an amazing experience.


Northern Lights Hunting tours from Visit Lapland Tours

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