Hello January with gorgeous Northern Lights yesterday 04.01.2020

The weather forecast yesterday was an ideal day for Aurora Hunting with 0% of cloudy! The sky was absolutely clear with full of sparking stars.

We started the tour at 20:30pm then ended at 2 am. It took more than 6 hours cause of amazing guest yesterday – Northern Lights Lady.

It was cold -15 degree and we made the fire and Lappish BBQ in the Wooden cottages.

Then the Northern Lights was getting stronger and stronger at 10pm until 11:00pm

Aurora Lights

We enjoyed very much winter activities such as hiking, snowmobile sliding ans snow sliding in wild forest area.

The food was well prepared with smoked salmon and berry hot drink.

Thank you for joining the tour with us. Please check the forecast and together creating memorable experience in our Aurora Hunting Tour in the Lappish Cottage.



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